I'm usually busy but currently I'm free. Noted that it's just "currently" not everytime. As usually I'm zupeeeer busy with my university life...

As you know. I have shifted my university 3 times from Indonesia next to KL in Malaysia then to Singapore (finally). Three different uni in different countries and all of that for continuing my IT degree. Can you imagine about that! Just continuing my degree not continuing to the next level such as master or other major. Funny eh?! All I have to do is adapting with new curicullum, new culture and even new friends :)

Currently I'm in the university which is originally from Australia and have one of the branch in Singapore which is called James Cook University

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  1. oh dear, i don't even know you have shifted 3 different universities in different countries!! It's like....... seriously? Wow!

    By the way, I follow your blog. Nice blog :)

  2. Thank you chi!

    Ya, but you have to adapt again in a new situation..
    that's kind of having a process..

    but the positive thing is you get experience..