A blogger friend from my mother (Bethanny Putri)

This is another famous blogger in my country (from Indonesia), her name is Bethanny Putri from her blog www.afternoonteaandlivingroom.blogspot.com
We have known each other because our mother are close friends so we often meet each other also... During the last time we met in the restaurant, I did some interview with her in front of our mother and their friends :p
1) How you become one of the famous fashion blogger in Indonesia and is there any difference between you before and now (after your blog is being recognized by the Indonesian society)
Started in 2009, when I begin to post my personal style in blogger. After couple of months, one of the Indo magazine called me to do an interview, since then I begin to have loyal readers.
2) What kind of fashion event have you been attending
I have been to Jakarta Fashion week couple times as a VIP guest. Designer showcase and product launching and premium brands opening.
3) What is the most unforgettable moment of the fashion event
There are lots of unforgettable moment when I attended some fashion events. The most… is probably being a VIP guest in every fashion event.
4) Who is your fashion icon
Lisa Mayock, Vena Cava’s designer, Behati Prisloo, professional model.
5) Describe your personal style
6) What does fashion means
Fashion is an idea and the idea becomes reality.
7) Your biggest fashion inspiration
All of Jil Sander, Phillip Lim, Nina Nikicio (Indonesian designer).
8) Favorite stylish person
Rumi Neely.
9) What’s your favorite local designer
Nina Nikicio & Barli Asmara (from Indonesia).
10) What is your favorite style
Daily wear such as slouch pants, oversized sweater, oversized clutch.
11) What is your tips and suggestion to become stylish
Be yourself, dare to be different, never give up when trying something new, surpass the idea of fashion itself.
This is Bethanny and me...


Pretty shoes

Cinderella got her prince charming from the a pair of shoes. So I think shoes can bring us benefit too! Apart from protecting our feet.
I like wearing these kind of shoes for some kind of events. It makes our feet lovely and beautiful.
To me, they look gorgeous!