Feels like going

Well well.. My only wish for this vacation is to go to the beach to feel the wind and feeling the sand on my feet, but unfortunately I haven't find out the right time. It has been a long time for me to go there which was several years back. That is why I'm showing the dress with the sun glasses to see how passion I'am for playing at the beach.

whoop whoop
Somebody just take me thereeeeee.....

What I'm wearing: sun glasses, party dress


I'm usually busy but currently I'm free. Noted that it's just "currently" not everytime. As usually I'm zupeeeer busy with my university life...

As you know. I have shifted my university 3 times from Indonesia next to KL in Malaysia then to Singapore (finally). Three different uni in different countries and all of that for continuing my IT degree. Can you imagine about that! Just continuing my degree not continuing to the next level such as master or other major. Funny eh?! All I have to do is adapting with new curicullum, new culture and even new friends :)

Currently I'm in the university which is originally from Australia and have one of the branch in Singapore which is called James Cook University


Enjoying my spare time at home

Currently I'm waiting for my university to get started which will be in the end of June or beginning of July. All these days starting from this week, what I do is stay at home and do some activities at home. As previously I was busy with preparation of IELTS.

Oh well, I have never been like this before, I'm usually busy with all stuff and plans. So this is rather strange for me. Oh well, but I enjoy this time. Really!

I can have a rest the whole day without thinking of my college life such as assignments, exams and so on.

You know sometimes I feel that I need to do something because I'm used in being busy all the time and suddenly I say oh yes have to do this and that but then it approached that I don't have to do it as I still have that college mind. Lol :P

I can't believe I'm having this kind of freedom.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaay :)) Excited!

np: The picture above represents my situation for these days until I go back to the campus life :)


Currently I'm inactive for my blog

Yeah, currently I'm inactive for my blog because I have many things to do at campus and not much time to focus on these things, well dont get disappointed with me because of no article and as soon as I get free for a long period I would love to get back writing on my blog.