Saturday evening

My outfit: "Nikicio" asymmetrical diagonal triangle top, sister's cardigan and black legging, black wedges, red Prada bag, bracelet from Saudi Arabia

It was a saturday evening when a friend of mine decided to take me to watch a movie in the cinema. Wonderful time I had with her, after that we eat in the restaurant called Marche which is located in one of the mall in Jakarta. We even meet our other girl friend there, so much to gossip about! How I love hanging out with my best girl friend on a saturday evening. Well, saturday doesn't have to be identic with lovers dating but infact it is also fun with our beloved girlfriends!


Winner of the giveaway

The first winner
The runaway winner

Both of the winner giveaway

On the 23rd of February I finally decided the winner for my giveaway which made me confused during the first time. The giveaway consist of two winners, one is the first winner and the second one is the runaway winner.
The first winner get to choose the giveaway whether to take the dress or the nail polish and she finally choose the red OPI nail polish and the runaway winner get the red dress.
And the winner is......

*Cindy Tanuwijaya
*Rikzi Dwi Kelimutu

The first winner was chosen based on being picked up randomly and the runaway winner was based on the the effort for gaining points. As she keep on tweeting the giveaway and posting the article at her blog.

For those who had participated my giveaway and didn't get the giveaway I would like to apologize for it and thank you for your participation. I really appreciate it =)


Another blogger from my city

I live in Bekasi and so I decided to interview one of my fashionable blogger friend from the same city like me and some of my questions are related to our city. She is a blogger from www.phoskinny.com

Q Describe your personal style
A I'm a random and simple with a touch of vintage style.

Q Who is your fashion icon?
A Alexa Chung and Bonnie Barton (fashion blogger)

Q Mention your favourite designer
A Marc Jacobs

Q What item do you think is trending all over the world recently
A The peterpan collar, galaxy things, and flowers things

Q If you are a fashion stylish of a celeb, which celeb would you choose?
A It is confusing. but i want to be a stylist of Olsen's sister hehe

*All about Bekasi*
Q As a blogger from Bekasi, what makes you eager to be one of the fashion blogger because it is still rare for a fashion blogger from Bekasi (most of them are from the other city or at least Jakarta)
A Well I'm always in love with clothes and fashion things, and because I live in Bekasi so it makes no sense to become a fashion blogger.. I'm just following what i love from my deep heart :)

Q Do you think you can change bekasi into a fashionable city in people's perception
A Well i think so, and since ka Diana Rikasari is living in Bekasi too, so i think all of the people in Bekasi will be fashionable soon!

Q What is now trending in Bekasi
A Don't really know about this, maybe something with cropped top

Q Do you want to introduce your city towards fashion (or no need)
A Yes I will do., well because I was born and live here :)

Q Do you have any good recommendation of fashion outlet or fashion stuff in Bekasi
A Build a concept store just like in Jakarta.

This was my interview with her and I decided to post my next article of my giveaway winner for the first winner and the runaway winner. See you on my next post lovely readers!


Join my first giveaway

The first winner of the giveaway can choose OPI nail polish or the red dress.
The runaway winner gets the red dress.

It would also be lovely to combine it with the necklace

Hello readers, this is the first time for me to have a giveaway to my lovely blog reader. It is a nail polish or a party dress. In this picture I used the dress for my previous prom night event which was a total fun!

To get the giveaway, all you have to is just do the following step below:

- Follow my blog from google friend connect
- Follow my twitter account @arikayasmine
- Leave a comment below written your blog, twitter & email address

For gaining extra points you can blog about this giveaway!
Share this giveaway on blog or tweet it in twitter, copy the link and paste it (for the prove) in the comment below after you do this...

This giveaway will be closed on the 23 of February 2012
There are two winners. The first winner of the giveaway can choose OPI nail polish or the red dress. The runaway winner gets the red dress.
Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced via email address


My sold out jacket

Well, apparently I used to wear this jacket but now I have never used it anymore and decide to sell it to a friend of mine who is really interested with my second hand jacket. Frankly, I still do love the jacket and the reason why I have sold that jacket in my store "JIM'S Clothing" is because I have never used it anymore (as I have mentioned previously) and someone is eager to wear it. I think the jacket is pretty cool, like a big motorbike rider.. Uuu Yeah!