Wearing the flowery dress

I was with my high school friends attending birthday party, I was first confused about the outfit, but then I figured it out to wear my flowery dress. I like the green flowery dress and I like to wear it for party or any kind of event. I think they just look natural! Like wearing it for my friend's birthday or any other occasion could be for formal or non formal occasion.

Fun birthday party!

I didn't know why I didn't use my black high heel shoes as I was supposed to. Perhaps I wanted to use the non high heel ones :p

This is my head band

The black high heel


Photoshooting a model in one day

One day me and the others were taking pictures of the models, it was kind of tiring but fun and we choose the pose for them.


Hard Rock Cafe

Yesterday, I went to Hard Rock EX for attending the new release album of BIP.Yeay, finally BIP released another new album, its like releasing again. Well actually I dont know about BIP that much, its just that I used to know the popular song of "Aku gemuk lagi" in the previous time, maybe during my elementary school time. After that show, I went to FX for bloggers yard sale but unlucky that I didn't take the picture much :(


Once upon a time

Once upon a time inside the room, there was no inspiration to get and the sun wasn't shining brightly. All the wind were blowing by my side. Lets just have fun by taking camera and start to hit the button. Here we go...


Eating cookie

I was really focusing on eating my cookie, until I didn't realised that someone was taking a snapshot of me. How dare that person was! Well, even though I got snapped by candid, I still put that winked eyes for my pose :D


Jim's Clothing (Girls edition)

RP 55.000

For your info : We can also make other band t-shirt(kaos2 band) or other pictures upon your request!

Blue pants
RP 52.000

High waist pants absolutely non jeans :)
RP 75.000

A cute one for hanging out which cost for
RP 60.000

For order and ask
Mobile : 081703401621
pin BB : 21DB9A41
Email : arika_yasmine2000@yahoo.com

Note : For those who are out of Indonesia can also buy with other currency.

Missing my room

After a long time not sleeping in my room (ofcourse in my hometown) I can feel the air again in my room. Sleeping in my room all by myself is one thing that I miss, because in Malaysia I live in campus hostel (which is usually called asrama in Indonesian language) and I also have a roommate. Well it doesn't mean that I don't like to share room. I love sharing room because I won't feel lonely and things can get fun with my roommate! But I just wanna share the happiness coming back to my room in my sweet home :)


Sure wanna be a model

Went to the clothing expo

Well, last week I don't know exactly when but I went to Indie expo in Gramedia store which was held in Surabaya. I went there to get some inspirations for my clothing shop which is given the name JIM'S CLOTHING
I have got lots of inspirations from that expo, and even met a friend which was keeping the stand, so I have lots of inspirations from him. Thanks a lot for him!


Selling T-shirt

Hey guys and girls, anyone interested in tshirt? The picture can be anything upon your request, it can be a band or other things depends on you.You can also have the couple tshirt with your lovers :p
The t-shirt just cost for Rp 70.000 or RM 60 and you can also pay with dollar!
If you want to buy the T-shirt just contact me to my email :


These are some pictures of the examples


Yeay, Im on my holiday now!

I cant believe, I finally finish my final examination and now Im feeling free like a bird...
Just finish the exam yesterday, now I can chill anytime and anywhere


Strange feeling

Recently I have a different feeling.
I dont know why. I just feel saturated by things around me.
Well lets just see later....
Guys, you must have been curious what Im saturated to...


UCSI (University College Sedaya International)

North Wing
North Wing

South Wing
South Wing
South Wing during the night time

Actually there are branches of UCSI, there are in Kuala Lumpur which is in South Wing and North Wing, Terrenganu and Sarawak. They are all located in Malaysia. But I study in South Wing because of the major in IT (Computer). The distance between North Wing & South Wing are really close, it can be just for 5 minutes & can walk whick will take around 10 minutes.In Kuala Lumpur its located in Taman Connaught, Cheras. UCSI a campus with international curriculum and you can transfer for a degree pathway which means you can study in Malaysia for 2 years and transfer again 1 year in another countries such as Australia, England, New Zealang, Canada. This is why Iam interested, because of the degree pathway!

I came to Malaysia to study

I had been idle and doing nothing since the middle of February, its because I signed out of my formal campus which was in CCIT University if Indonesia. The reason why I signed out is because I have to move out to the campus in the neighbour country. During February-April my activities were registering university, preparing for the passport, preparing for the visa and etc. At last I decided to register the campus that Im interested in which is located in Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur which is called UCSI (University College Sedaya International)

I had been waiting for the new intake in UCSI which will be held on May and finally the waiting moment was over, I prepared everything for moving to another country. My clothes, luggage, my accessories, my important documents. Everything was ready, just waiting for the day to come

Finally the day has come!!

At night on the 27th my cousins gathered and sleepover at my place to have a farewell at the airport, so they came over at night. Me & dinda decided to pick one of our cousin FifaUrfani to come and sleep at my house. I was really busy busy the whole day until midnight on the 27th.
It was 3 o'clock in the morning, I woke up and got prepared for everything and so does my cousins. We reached at the airport and we say good bye.. Bye bye my family and cousins who had spent their time dropping me to Soekarno Hatta airport saying GOOD BYE.

I reached Malaysia on the 28th of April, just the day before the orientation started. When I was at LCCT airport in Malaysia, I first got stucked in the immigration, just a little trouble, so everybody went in, except me who was stucked in immigration, its just because my explanation wasn't clear enough and I had to get the stample. After succeding to get out in the immigration I went outside and saw Pak Ismail (he is UCSI staff who picks international students). It was a relief to get out, because it was the first time I go with airplane alone. I rode off with UCSI wagon and met Indonesian friend, she is from Bandung which is going to the same campus.

Well this is the first time Iam independent, going to somebody's country alone!!