Missing my room

After a long time not sleeping in my room (ofcourse in my hometown) I can feel the air again in my room. Sleeping in my room all by myself is one thing that I miss, because in Malaysia I live in campus hostel (which is usually called asrama in Indonesian language) and I also have a roommate. Well it doesn't mean that I don't like to share room. I love sharing room because I won't feel lonely and things can get fun with my roommate! But I just wanna share the happiness coming back to my room in my sweet home :)

5 komentar:

  1. Come... Sleep in the hostel with me :)

  2. Oh...
    I miss that moment dear!

  3. Naww, home is always the best! If it lifts you up, I think your style is very cute! Loving these pants! At least you got that going without being at home :)
    Following you xxx


  4. Melissa thanks a lot for following me and liking my blog ^_^

    Yeah, home sweet home is the best place and of course I can bring that pants even if I'm away from home :)