Hoooliday... (not a boredom)

I have recently had my test in campus..
I was very happy to pass in the first day of my test without repeating. All I can say is Alhamdulillah, with the praise of Allah.. Well, thats how you can say thanks to our God, Allah..

Holiday of a week!!
well, all I do my activities at home are sleep, sleep and sleep. Others than that my friends come play at my house watching DVD...My friends at campus came over my house to watch the CD player which has been borrowed from the rental Video Ezy.

Besides that I also have the activities with my sister and mum, accompanying them shopping, also I met my old friends...

I also have the plan to have a project with my friends about photography, hope I can succeed in that project!



Iam interested in Photography, especially when I know that my friends love taking panaroma pictures! I decided to buy DSLR camera, but I still haven't got the money. I'll just wait the time to buy, right now I have the digital camera, but all I need is DSLR camera. Digital camera is also good, the size can fit into pocket, it is cheaper, easier to use, you can carry it everywhere, just put it in your small bag.

Well I want DSLR camera, because I intend to join photography club, especially at my campus (if its available). Iam not a professional photographer, Iam just an amateur photographer who can just put the result of the pictures on the internet, well I want it to be changed! But how? I want photography to be a hobby and a talent...

I heard that there is photography club besides my campus"campus of YAI" but its only available for psychology major, well unfortunately Im not in that major. Iam a girl majoring IT in the campus near YAI.

Hope there's a photography community in which I could join...
Well guys, tell me if there's available for me!


My campus (CCIT)

Above is the picture of CCIT in UI Depok
CCIT is a faculty majoring IT located in UI, there is in UI depok, there is also in UI Salemba.

I have choosen UI Salemba, because my parents told me that they could drop me everyday, as it is close to my dad & brother's office, because in Depok the location would be far from my house.

At my campus, which is located in UI Salemba in the faculty of engineering there is a class name CCIT, majoring IT (Information Technology) besides knowing Fasilkom, you should also know CCIT... Its a class in English language which has Indian curriculum (NIIT), this has international curriculum, which is like the international class.

I would like all of you to know CCIT, not only Fasilkom but also to know and have interest in CCIT.
Over here mostly the seniors and juniors are close, not seperated so there's no differentiate between seniors and juniors, because we play together.

There's also our favourite canteen in UI Depok which we call Engineering Canteen or in Indonesian language Kantek (Kantik Teknik).

I think this is enough for my explanation.

For more information about that faculty just click the website below :