Winner of the giveaway

The first winner
The runaway winner

Both of the winner giveaway

On the 23rd of February I finally decided the winner for my giveaway which made me confused during the first time. The giveaway consist of two winners, one is the first winner and the second one is the runaway winner.
The first winner get to choose the giveaway whether to take the dress or the nail polish and she finally choose the red OPI nail polish and the runaway winner get the red dress.
And the winner is......

*Cindy Tanuwijaya
*Rikzi Dwi Kelimutu

The first winner was chosen based on being picked up randomly and the runaway winner was based on the the effort for gaining points. As she keep on tweeting the giveaway and posting the article at her blog.

For those who had participated my giveaway and didn't get the giveaway I would like to apologize for it and thank you for your participation. I really appreciate it =)

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  1. I've already received the package today dear..
    thank you sooooo much. the dress is really pretty. love it so much. <3<3<3

  2. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :-)

  3. Oh , it wasn't me :$

    Fi *

  4. Fashion Fi : Oops sorry for that, I wish I could give it to all the participant. LOL :p cos it was based on random picking and gaining points. But anyway thanks for your participation girl :*

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  6. Thanksssssssssssssssss a lottt, arikaa..

    This is the first time i win the giveaway. hehe..
    Wanna open my package soon. Because currently i still stay in Malaysia, so i can't post the gift in this period of time. but i wish i can go back to my hometown asap, open my gift, and post it..

    once again, thankyou so much. :)


  7. I should have sent it to your Malaysian address :p
    You are welcome cindy...
    Glad that you like it :-)

    Can't wait for your post later :)

  8. Hey thanks for your comment!
    Your blog is really nice and I follow you, follow me back?


  9. Hey Doll!
    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting my blog, it means a lot to me, I love your blog and I'm now following it=)
    Hugs and kisses<3

    1. Thanks for liking my blog
      kisses to you too :*

  10. Aw those are packaged so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. I love your blog!
    I will definitely follow you, so follow me back OK? =)
    The shoes would be a great Giveaway yes, but unfortunately they were the last pair on the shop.
    But when I reach 100 subscribers I will make a great giveaway I promise.


  12. Ohh so luck :D

    Thanks for the comment cutie !

    Fi *

  13. already pushing your follow button.. :) whoa, nice giveaway!!

  14. what a lovely giveaway! x

  15. Hey!! Thanks for your comment. :) yeah I love gathering my shoes!!! When I finally moved in my new flat end of april /or beginning may I will write a blog about ALL my shoe :-))) and all about my 90 nail polish's :-))

    I really like your fashion blog and for sure I will follow!! Maybe you want to follow me too??

    MissCherryblossom ♥

  16. Love your blog! I'm following you now!

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