Enjoying my spare time at home

Currently I'm waiting for my university to get started which will be in the end of June or beginning of July. All these days starting from this week, what I do is stay at home and do some activities at home. As previously I was busy with preparation of IELTS.

Oh well, I have never been like this before, I'm usually busy with all stuff and plans. So this is rather strange for me. Oh well, but I enjoy this time. Really!

I can have a rest the whole day without thinking of my college life such as assignments, exams and so on.

You know sometimes I feel that I need to do something because I'm used in being busy all the time and suddenly I say oh yes have to do this and that but then it approached that I don't have to do it as I still have that college mind. Lol :P

I can't believe I'm having this kind of freedom.

Yeeeeeeeeaaaay :)) Excited!

np: The picture above represents my situation for these days until I go back to the campus life :)

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    Fi *

  2. Lol, oops...
    Now you can check :p

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