Oasap is running a giveaway!

Hello readers...
I'm sure you guys know the brand of OASAP...
Yup, the product is running a giveaway to get 152 pieces of silk dresses and blouses

Note: There are many preference choice of dresses to choose apart from the one shown at the image above

The requirements to enter this giveaway are...

For entry (Mandatory):
1. Follow my blog through GFC (Google Friend Connect)
2. Follow my twitter @arikayasmine (if you have)
3. Sign in your account on oasap.com. No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code.
4. You need to choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size if you win.
One account may have at most 3 entries meaning that you can vote a maximum of 3 items.
5. Comment to write your email address

For extra entries:
Like Oasap on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/OASAP
Follow Oasap on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/oasap

I will select the winner & make sure to join in as this will ends on 10th of July

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  1. I have joined it and I'm so glad that oasap is running this giveaway, I would love to win of the dresses! Following you back
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  2. thanks for the update dear ..:)

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  11. you asked me how to make the pictures bigger.... when you upload a new picture u need to edit it in HTML and you'll see the height, the width and an s number (e.g. s420) so you need to change them the way you like.
    hope it is going to work for you

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  21. Such a fantastic giveaway!! Can't believe they are giving away so many things!!

    The Urban Umbrella


  22. signed up

    followed as @nyushebat
    liked oasap as Rusydina Tamimi

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  24. nick gfc- madzia
    i dont have a twitter
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    for extra :
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  25. those lovely dresses, good luck

    Herdiana Surachman

  26. lovely dresses i must say


  27. Great dress selection !!
    I follow you now , i hope youfollow me too !!!

    Kiss from France

  28. Hope I'll win :)
    My email is its_evelyn@ymail.com

    Btw, thank you for the recipe! :D

    Stay Pretty,

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  30. Cool giveaway. I've been seeing them a lot online lately

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  32. I also participate! :)
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