Kibo, I love that cat !

Its pictures of my cat in different pose, well its not a persian cat but I do still love that cat. Its name is Kibo

Animal that I love the most is cat.

I have a pet at home which is a cat! Everytime I get bored at home, that is just my real life toy which can purr and make noise. Which can say MEOW, can play, move, sleep. I have another toy, but they are all dead, they can't move, breathe or make noise. Kibo is so noisy whenever it gets angry or if it wants to sleep, it was born on the 8th of June 2008 so Kibo is already 1 year but already a dad, it has 3 children, but 1 died a couple of months ago.

Cats are so cute, its furry and fluffy...

Do love cats, because our prophet Muhammad (S) likes cat very much, so we should follow him also :)

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