Oasap is running a giveaway!

Hello readers...
I'm sure you guys know the brand of OASAP...
Yup, the product is running a giveaway to get 152 pieces of silk dresses and blouses

Note: There are many preference choice of dresses to choose apart from the one shown at the image above

The requirements to enter this giveaway are...

For entry (Mandatory):
1. Follow my blog through GFC (Google Friend Connect)
2. Follow my twitter @arikayasmine (if you have)
3. Sign in your account on oasap.com. No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code.
4. You need to choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size if you win.
One account may have at most 3 entries meaning that you can vote a maximum of 3 items.
5. Comment to write your email address

For extra entries:
Like Oasap on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/OASAP
Follow Oasap on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/oasap

I will select the winner & make sure to join in as this will ends on 10th of July


Indiana rainbow cake

I'm going to have rainbow cake for my breakfast. Well yeah, recently I'm addicted to that cake as rainbow cake is now trending in Indonesia. During that day my outfit for the post was the turquoise pink top which was given from OASAP combined with the indiana acessories such as earring and necklace. I like turquoise color infact it is my favorite color since I was a kid and I'm really happy to get a turquoise top :D

24/7 only at McDonalds


Turquoise pink top - OASAP
Earrings - Ancient Greek
Necklace - Nassigorengkeju
Shoes - Sister's shoes


The golden necklace

I love this golden necklace which I got from VJ Style. This necklace is like a collar necklace which gives us an elegant look. Thank you VJ Style for giving me that elegant necklace. I would love to wear it for some occasions!

Elegant desainer necklace - VJ Style
White top - Raspberry
Green pants - Given from my mother
Sandals - Montego Bay Club


Roses are red and violets are blue

It was once in the afternoon when I decided to combine my outfit blue and red. They combine in such a great pair! In flower, red symbolizes of rose and blue symbolizes of violet. My shocking blue dress was given by my friend from Zara and the red retro shoulder bag was given from OASAP. OASAP is one of my favorite online shop where it provides nice items especially the bags <3 I thank for those who have given me some items! :)

Blue dress - Zara basic // Red retro bag - OASAP // Black wedges - Ananas


Beautiful dresses

I like to see pictures of beautiful dresses from the media but I cannot wear it in every occasion.. It can just be worn in some special occasion..